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Fall 2015

It’s the Season of Lights! Here Are a Few Lighting Tips for the Holidays

A parade of holidays arrives at the end of the year, and festive lighting is an important part of each. We have tips on ways to use lights for a spookier Halloween, decorate for a cozy Thanksgiving, protect your home’s electrical system during the December house–light decorating mania, and find the right lights for a New Year’s party.

The end of the year brings with it a fast run of popular holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and associated holidays), and New Year’s Eve. One thing that all of these holidays have in common is an emphasis on lights as part of the festivities. Halloween is filled with strings of orange lights and glowing Jack O’Lanterns. Thanksgiving dinner occurs in the setting of candles on a table. Christmas has homes decorated with fantastic light patterns. And New Years has fireworks painting the sky.

There’s a good reason why lights are closely connected to holidays during the final months of the year. As the days shorten and nights lengthen, people enjoy bringing bright cheer into the darkness. These holidays are usually linked with evening events, especially Halloween and New Year’s Eve, making lighting both decorative and functional.

Here are a few tips for home lighting during the holiday–packed end of the year:


Even if you don’t plan on doing a huge decorating extravaganza for your home during October, you can add some great mood to the front of a house with spooky colored floodlights. If you’re worried about wasting energy, make sure that you have CLF (compact fluorescent lights) installed. These lights have the same illumination power as incandescent lights, but only use a fifth of the electrical power. Make sure you purchase weatherproof floodlights!


This is mostly an indoor holiday, and relies much less on complex lighting than the two holidays that flank it. Candles in fall colors are the most attractive option, although take safety precautions and never leave the candles burning when no one will be around. Also, consider rustic lamp fixtures and leaf lights, which provide a gentle alternative to the harsher lights of Halloween.

The December Holidays

There is a flood of great ideas for decorating the inside and outside of a home during December, and we couldn’t even scratch the surface here. So we’re going to instead recommend that you have whole–house surge protection installed into your electrical system. The lighting demands of the season can sometimes become overwhelming, and even if you haven’t placed a massive amount of lights in your home, all the work your neighbors have done might cause a voltage surge in the municipal electrical system. A whole–house surge protector will prevent this from damaging your home and its appliances.

New Years

White lights are the symbol of the New Year, as are fireworks. The emphasis is on clean starts for the next year and elevating people’s spirits. A great way to light up a house at this time, especially for a party, is hanging white lights like bead curtains over doors. You can also have light strands put in that hang across the walls, which make a glittering backdrop for any party.

We hope all your holidays are glowing and happy this year!

Don’t Let Your Thanksgiving Dinner Wreak Havoc on Your Drains

Hosting a big holiday dinner can be a stressful occasion. Even after all of the cooking and the revelry itself are out of the way, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. If you aren’t careful, you may find that doing all of those dishes has gotten your drains into some hot water themselves.

Most homeowners are aware of the fact that allowing a lot of food waste to make its way into their drains is a recipe for disaster. Okay, disaster may be a bit of a strong word. However, the fact of the matter is that the backed up drains that can develop due to such practices can certainly feel like a disaster when you are trying to work your way through a mountain of dishes. You should be able to relax with your guests after your Thanksgiving dinner, not find yourself confined to the kitchen as you struggle to free up your drains. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you to avoid such issues.

First of all, whether you are washing your dishes by hand or you are simply rinsing them off or soaking them before loading the dishwasher, it is important that you put your drain guards in place. Many homeowners find these guards problematic, as they can fill up and make it tough for the sinks to drain. However, consider how much more problematic it will be if your drains themselves clog up, rather than these easily removable and cleanable traps. Assuming that you don’t want one of our professional drain cleaning technicians visiting your home for the holidays, you are wise to make use of such preventative devices.

Secondly, and we cannot stress this enough, you must be certain that you are only putting appropriate items down your garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, then you know just how useful these appliances are, especially after hosting a big meal and trying to deal with the mess afterwards. However, you must keep in mind that a garbage disposal cannot handle everything you can think to throw down it. Keep your turkey bones, as well as any fibrous waste like celery stalks from the stuffing, out of the drains. Don’t pour any hot fats or grease down there, either. These will congeal when they cool, all but guaranteeing that a clog is not too far off.

When you follow these tips, whether after a big holiday meal or just in your day–to–day life, you can avoid many common issues with your drains. Should you encounter clogged or backed up drains in your home, though, we do encourage you to schedule professional drain cleaning services with a qualified party. Harsh chemical cleaners and/or DIY drain snaking attempts simply cannot match the thorough and effective process of professional drain cleaning, nor the results that this phenomenal service can secure.