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3 Indicators That You May Have a Slab Leak

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Problems with our plumbing systems are never welcome developments. That being said, certain plumbing issues, such as leaky faucets, instill less dread in the homeowner than, say, a slab leak in Nashville, TN would. Slab leaks are, by their very nature, notoriously difficult to locate, as well as to access in order to resolve the problem. This is precisely why you must schedule your slab leak repair and detection services with a skilled, professional plumber. The longer that you wait to schedule your slab leak services, the more likely that serious damage to your property becomes. Speak with a member of the Hiller Plumbing, Heating & Cooling team today to ensure that your slab leak is dealt with a by qualified party. (more…)

Basic Nashville TN Plumbing Repair Services

Monday, March 4th, 2013

No matter what kind of plumbing problems you’re having it is almost always best to work with a professional plumber. At Hiller PHC we provide fast and quality plumbing repair in Nashville, TN. Our expert plumbers have years of experience working with all different kinds of plumbing problems. We thought it would be helpful if we assembled some of the more common and basic plumbing repairs that we see in Nashville, TN.

Common Plumbing Repair in Nashville TN

You may not realize it but you use your plumbing system every single day. Whether it’s taking a shower, washing dishes or doing laundry, your plumbing system works hard and takes a lot of abuse. Because of all that use, it will eventually need repairs. The plumbers at Hiller PHC provide fast plumbing repair in Nashville, TN. Here are some of the most common plumbing repairs that we see.

Water Leaks in Nashville, TN

Any piece of equipment that handles thousands of gallons of water will eventually spring a leak. Water leaks can be costly both in the water wasted and also in property damage. Finding leaks quickly is key to avoiding potential damage.

Plumbing Clogs

Clogs are another very common plumbing repair in Nashville, TN. Whether it’s from food in your kitchen pipes, solid waste in your sewer line or tree roots, plumbing clogs are a huge inconvenience. Sometimes they can be so bad that the plumbing system needs to be dug up and replaced.

Slab Leaks in Nashville, TN

Having a water leak in your slab is a huge problem. They usually require that your plumber jackhammer into your slab and replace the leaking portion of pipe.

Benefits of Professional Plumbing Repair in Nashville, TN

Sometimes it can be tempting to try to fix your plumbing system on your home. It is almost always best to call for professional plumbing repair in Nashville, TN. Not only will the job get done faster but it will be of much higher quality.

The plumbers at Hiller PHC have years of experience working with all kinds of plumbing problems. Call us for Nashville, TN plumbing repair.

Water Tank Diagnosis & Repair Guide for Scottsville Homes

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Having trouble with your water heater tank in Scottsville? Try this brief guide, which may shed some light on the difficulties you are having.

Problem #1: Not enough hot water

This problem could be the result of decreased supply or output, caused by leaking or sediment. If you’ve checked for leaks and flushed the sediment out (see #4), then the problem may be with the dip tube. This tube is meant to deliver cold water to the bottom of the tank for heating, but when it breaks, it spills water into the top of the tank. Since the water supply draws from the top of the water heater tank, it may seem like you’re not getting enough hot water as a result.

Problem #2: Water is too hot

First, check the temperature setting on your heater to make sure it is set at the right temperature. If it is normal, then the problem could be that the water heater is not turning off when it hits that set temperature. The temperature-pressure relief valve may be faulty, or there may be a bad sensor. If you hear sounds like water boiling from inside the heater, or your faucets are shooting out steam, call a professional right away. The water tank could burst under such intense temperature and pressure.

Problem #3: Hot water is discolored or smells bad

Water that is discolored or has a foul odor has usually been contaminated by either sediment, bacteria or both. To correct the problem, flush all the water out of the tank and thoroughly clean the inside with a bleach solution or a commercial cleaner. Check for any rust or lime deposits while you’re in there and clean those up too.

Problem #4: Not enough hot water pressure

Low water pressure could be caused by a number of things. One likely culprit is sediment that has built up somewhere in the system. It could be in the faucet supply line, the dip tube in the water tank or even in the main supply line. This is one complaint that can be hard to pinpoint, and is therefore difficult for most homeowners to diagnose and repair.  This plumbing issue could be the result of some serious problems though so it is important to investigate these plumbing repairs.

If you tried the tips above and you are still having water tank troubles, or if your problem isn’t listed in this guide, call Hiller Plumbing to repair the water heater tank.

When to Call the Plumber in Nashville

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Many aspects of plumbing in Nashville around simple fixtures are easy repairs for the homeowner who likes to be handy.  Videos on the internet have made most simple repairs even easier by showing step-by-step processes to get them done.

Some plumbing repairs obviously are more complicated and require the special skills and knowledge that only years of experience can provide.  Especially when water is gushing out and you don’t know where the main shut-off is located, the damage that can intensify minute by minute should be mitigated by calling in the expert plumber.

A Fix in Time

Leaky faucets and drains, a garbage disposal or even a toilet replacement are tasks that can be accomplished with a few good tools, patience and a little information off the internet.  Knowing where to shut off the water supply–so any problems that might happen don’t turn into catastrophes–begins many repairs that end with a pat on the back.

Even sweating of copper pipes to install a new shower valve or shut-offs nearer the fixture are not life-threatening and create a high level of satisfaction for handy husbands and wives.  Installing an under-counter water filtration system is just a matter of following instructions.

Saving Nine

When something has broken and is causing serious flooding, whether or not you can find the main shut-off, it still probably makes sense to call a plumber to get the repairs made quickly and correctly.  For much less emergent situations, plumbing can still be a tricky sport to find the right size fittings so getting a plumber with a truck full of odd parts can cost a little money but save a lot of aggravation and return trips to the local hardware store to exchange the 5/8 male coupling with gasket you expected it to be for the 3/4 female that was needed.

For any project that requires a permit, a licensed plumber makes good sense who knows the proper codes and intricacies of supplies, drains and venting so the work will pass inspection.  Replacing larger items like a hot water heater, shower unit or sink are far simpler for professionals to wrestle.

Any problems with the hot water baseboard or radiant heat systems are better left to plumbers to fix who know how to properly bleed and refill the pipes to flow without air bubbles.  If there is a problem with the sewer main inside or outside the house, a plumber will be better equipped to cut and repair the pipes (as well as deal with the mess).

Because of their lethal risks, gas lines to appliances must be installed and connected by a certified technician which many plumbers are.

Ultimately, if you have any doubt about your abilities, even though you’re playing with water, a mistake can make a big mess.  Calling in Hiller Plumbing can often save a lot face.